25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Hatred of Monday Mornings

Dear Monday mornings:

You go straight to hell. No stops. No detours. Straight to hell! And we will see you there, you punctual a--hole.



The first morning of the work week after two days of sleeping in, doing what you want and probably not wearing pants is a giant sack of terrible. If Monday were a human being in our office, we would be sending it passive aggressive emails and stealing its lunch. Yeah, we're cold stone bitches when it comes to Monday.

Sometimes it's hard to describe the despair, the pain, the utter exhaustion that greets you when your alarm goes off on Monday (more like mon-DIE, right?!). We have just the thing for you. And since your friends are emailing you or wondering why you haven't tweeted yet but you don't have the energy to even muster a "'sup?", we thought we'd present TK GIFs that you can send to anyone and everyone to perfectly describe how you feel right about now. And that feeling is blinding, seething hatred.

1. When you think you're going to attack Monday with a positive attitude: 

2. Basically:

3. When your office has Hoth-level temperatures: 


4. Attempting to mask the exhaustion on your face:

5. The walk to school/class/work/your car:

6. Ugh:

7. Listening to a coworker talk about their weekend:

8. Listening to a coworker talk about anything:

9. Listening to anyone in general:

10. Trying to dress yourself on Monday morning:

11. The Monday war cry:

12. The other Monday war cry:

13. Trying to find the energy to leave the house:

14. The first thought in your brain when your alarm goes off:

15. Every single time:

16. Getting out of bed:

17. Joining the commuters who feel the same way you do about Monday: 

18. Your usual Monday arrival vibe at the office:

19. When you're actually in a good mood but then you remember it's Monday:

20. Your parting words at the end of every conversation you have on Mondays:

21. Just give up:

22. Attempting basically anything today:

23. Your general mood:

24. Your friend/roommate/significant other/parent trying to get you ready for the day:

25. Monday, you're a real d--k:

We hope these help with expressing your distaste and loathing of Monday mornings. We're sure it will help us when people see this story and belch up comments like "slow news day?" or "this is stupid!" To that we say:



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